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A mix of explosive tastes, the best of artisan pastry, a set of thrilling psychic pleasures, in a box full of Sicily.

This box set is designed to make all the greedy happy: lots of delicious sweet tastings from which to choose the favorite one between tastings of Sicilian pasta, nougat, toasted dried fruit immersed in chocolate and much more.

Hazelnut paste (per kg)

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One of the most famous desserts of the Sicilian tradition, in the hazelnut variant!
Hazelnut Pastes are perfect to accompany tea, coffee or simply as an after-oil dessert. Typical their extreme sweetness and texture, soft on the inside but resistant to bite in the outer shell.
Few ingredients that require careful processing and quality of raw materials.
They are gluten-free and dairy-free desserts by nature, therefore also suitable for those who do not tolerate these allergens.

Mastaccioli 1 kg

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Mastaccioli are biscuits spread in Sicily but also in other Italian regions for which there are numerous recipes, different for ingredients and shapes.

The Mastaccioli that our pastry offers are made up of a shortcrust pastry stuffed with hazelnuts and honey and then baked.

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