Sweets made with almonds are typical of Sicily, especially in the Area of Catania and Agrigento, where the production of this fruit is very extensive; precisely this great availability has allowed the almond to become a basic ingredient of many recipes, some that have become so well known and characteristic as to be an essential expression.
Among these we find almond pastes, always present in the counters of Sicilian pastry shops at any time of the year and undoubtedly one of the most famous and representative products of Sicily.
Our Almond Paste is produced in an artisanal way using only natural products of the Sicilian territory: almonds, honey and orange. This method of processing allows you to keep the fragrant product for weeks.
Without the addition of preservatives * Lactose-free * Gluten-free

Ingredients: almond, honey, sugar, egg white, icing sugar.

pasta mandorla

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